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Introduction and Postures

Brief introduction to the video series, and some ideas about how to stand during the "interview process".

Gekisai Dai Part 1

This is a 20th century kata from Chojun Miyagi, founder of Goju Ryu Karate and, I argue, contains much more than meets the eye.

Gekisai Dai Part 2

Continuation of Gekisai Dai.

Saifa Part 1

Saifa is taught early in the Goju Ryu curriculum, and considered to be one of the easier kata. Nevertheless, with its translation being "to smash and tear to pieces", my interpretations differ from others I have seen, and are quite in line with its translation, making this kata a core element of self-defense principles. 

Saifa Part 2

Continuation of Saifa, with some bonus material.

Serak Juru #7: Teaser video (less than 4 minutes!)
A quick overview of some highlights. If you like this, watch the next four.


Applications of Isshinryu Seisan and Aragaki Seisan.

Serak Juru #7: Performance and explanation.

Serak Juru #7: Applications

We explore a single motion from Silat, deriving numerous applications, and illustrate fast, explosive power for "self offense". Part 1 (of 3).

Serak Juru #7: Applications (part 3)

Sample training session (with beginner adult students). Emphasis is on basic ideas, namely preventing the opponent from getting close to you; and using defense against a grab-and-punch, as a starting point to introduce martial concepts.

Opening of Isshin Ryu Seisan. An hour of never ending, boring, albeit fundamentally important discussions of kata analysis in general, and this one particular kata motion. Plus some bonus footage of the author clearly out of shape...

Entrance numbers 22 and 24

Serak Juru #7: Applications (part 2)

Naihanchi nidan: Two powerful applications

Sample training session (with beginner adult students).

Observe what is done: Concentrating on combat (appropriate for their level), body motion, fast, explosive, "fa jin" parries, and continuous striking. Observe what is not done: Uniforms, belts, rituals, adulating, servile respect to "the Sensei", and standing in a line for 2 hours doing solo center blocks and corkscrew lunge punches.

Isshin Ryu Seisan: Two powerful applications

Seiunchin Kata Application number 73(e)

Some fun at the "Thailand Dojo"

Marc S. Paolella


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